Clic Banking

The Clic.World Social Banking Platform forms the basis of the Clic Social financial eco-system and provides a comprehensive general ledger based solution for social banks, cooperative savings and loan groups, investment clubs... Learn More

Clic Wallet

The Clic peer-to-peer Stellar wallet makes use of federated Stellar addresses, allowing you to send money like email anywhere in the world. The wallet includes a multi signature vault and a crypto-to-fiat mobile and e-commerce payment facility... Learn More

Clic Pay

ClicPay is a global fiat and Stellar crypto currency payment platform that use the Cliix Switch and merchants to receive both fiat and Stellar tokens.
Some of the key features are... Learn More

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Join a integrated Sacco, savings group or financial institution now to connect with a powerful global network of the new emerging digital economy.

Creating an end-to-end community centric financial based eco-system

The social financial eco-system focuses on the power of communities in the new digital world. We strive and aim for the future of digital financial services for everybody, from rural villages to online social networking communities and financial institutions.

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Uganda’s eSACCO wants to drive financial inclusion through social banking

A 2016 study revealed that only 40% of Ugandans are financially included.

The future of Stellar Lumens going beyond payments...

Now that we can convert cash easily into and from XLM, the question is what next?

Clic.World and Stellar - the way to mass adoption of crypto in consumer banking

Imagine being able to have your crypto account available as part of your bank’s app