CLIX Investment Token

Clic.World issues the CLIX token

Clic.World are planning to raise the capital needed for its expansion program with the issuing of the CLIX token, which will be offered to the public through an Initial Coin Offer (ICO).

A maximum of 50m tokens have been released for early stage private investors and a total of 300m tokens will be released for the public ICO. Any additional future release of tokens will only be for the purpose of capital funding and expansion.

We consider the CLIX token to be a security token and we are working with our legal team and the relevant regulators to ensure full compliance for the public ICO.

We are planning to do the pubic ICO listing in about 12 to 24 months time, subject to achieving our current 12 month roll-out milestones.

The CLIX tokens will be released through two rounds of private offers before the public ICO offer. The first private round have been completed successfully.

On completion of the public ICO the CLIX token will be listed on the Stellar SDEX.

CLIX Token issuing account