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The story of Joyce

A boutique shop owner from Uganda

Joyce runs a small clothing shop in downtown Kampala. She goes to Nairobi once a month to get new stock. She relies mainly on foot traffic from the nearby taxi rank, but over the last few years have build up a loyal group of customers that she contact on whatsapp whenever she has new stock.

Recently Joyce opened an eSACCO Social Banking business account ( and signed up for their ClicPhone monthly contract. With that contract she receives a Tecno W6 smartphone, 2000 minutes of voice and 500mb of data for a month, all for UGX35000. The eSACCO app was already installed on her phone. Now she use the eSACCO app and its Social Banking, ClicPay payments and ClicChat facility for much of her business.

Yesterday Joyce traveled down to Nairobi with Modern Coast Bus. She paid for her ticket here in Kampala using the ClicPay function on her smartphone app. She was very happy because she didn't have to carry the cash with her to pay for the ticket.

This morning her daughter phoned her to tell her that the electricity for the house was low and that she need to buy a few grocery items at the local shop.

Using her eSACCO android app Joyce purchased Yaka prepaid electricity and send the token to her daughter by sms. She told her daughter to go to the shop and asked the shopkeeper to send an invoice to her phone for the groceries.

A few minutes ago she received the ClicPay invoice from the merchant in her eSACCO wallet and immediately paid it using ClicPay. The shopkeeper received a payment approval message and her daughter went home with the groceries.

Its a few hours later and Joyce has selected the stock she wanted to take with her to Kampala and agreed on the final price with her supplier, who has a business account with the Nairobi Traders Association Sacco (NTAS) also running on the Clic.World platform.

Her supplier use the ClicPay POS app on his phone to enter the amount in Kenya Shillings and generates a QR code. Joyce use the ClicPay function on her eSACCO app to scan the QR code and the amount that she needs to pay displays on her phone in Uganda Shillings. She enters her PIN to pay the amount and within 5 seconds her supplier receives the confirmation that the money reached his account in Kenyan Shillings and Joyce left with her goods.

She is so happy that she no longer have to carry cash with her and haggle over exchange rates with forex traders at the Kenyan border!

The first thing Joyce does once she arrived back in Kampala is to send out a chat broadcast to all her contacts to notify them about the arrival of the new stock.

Sara, one of Joyce’s contacts, is a young housewife, freelance crypto trader and web developer. She is using the Clic wallet on her Android phone, where she keeps her Stellar Lumens (XLM), which she prefer as payment for some of the work she is doing for clients in Germany, as well as a few other ICO tokens she trades.

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Joyce the shop owner