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The story of Joyce

A boutique shop owner from Uganda

She prefer the Clic wallet because its ClicMe enabled and allow her to use it to pay for goods an services direct in local Uganda shillings, without having to sell her XLM first. She also use the ClicMe POS app which are linked to her Clic wallet sometimes when she wants to receive payment in XLM from local customers that want to pay in Uganda Shillings from their Clic Banking app.

She was very happy when she received a chat message this morning from Joyce about the new stock, because she is looking for a red summer dress to wear to a birthday party over the weekend, and responded to Joyce asking if she had something.

Joyce replied with a photo of 2 dresses she has in stock and Sara liked one of them very much. Joyce confirmed that the dress was available in the size Sara wanted and after a few chats a price of UGX 80000 was agreed on.

Sara asked Joyce if she can pay by ClicMe and Joyce confirmed by selecting the Create ClicMe Invoice button in the chat and fill in the amount and description. A ClicMe invoice button is generated and displayed in the chat. Sara clicked the button and type in her PIN to authorise the payment equivalent in XLM and 10 seconds later Joyce receives a payment confirmation message of the UGX 80000 in her eSACCO wallet.

Joyce asked Sara if she wants to come and collect the dress or if it must be delivered to her in Kisaasi. Sara wants it delivered and Joyce clicks on the Safeboda button in the app which shows her which Safeboda ( certified boda drivers are near her shop. She enters the location of Sara’s home using her What3Words address and the app calculates the cost of a boda driver to deliver the dress.

Joyce ask Sara to confirm the delivery charge and then selects George, a boda driver with a good rating. George receives the request, displaying the destination and cost. He send a confirmation message back and leaves for Joyce’s shop. When he received the dress he press the start journey button on his SafeBoda app and sets off for Kisaasi. Both Sara and Joyce can follow his journey on the Google map displayed in the app, showing time to arrival.

When George arrives at her house Sara press the Received button to confirm delivery, and a ClicMe invoice is automatically created from George’s SafeBoda merchant account for the approved delivery amount and displayed in the Unpaid Invoices tab in Sara’s wallet. Sara clicks on the invoice, enters her PIN and approve the transaction and George receives a transaction approval message.

On his way back George stops at the Shell service station to fill up with fuel and ask the attendant to pay with ClicMe. The attendant generated a QR code on his handheld device and George scans it with his Pay ClicMe facility on his SafeBoda Merchant app.

Back home Sara is very happy with the dress and immediately posted a selfie on her chat group of her in the new dress.

Almost immediately Dee, one of Sara’s friends, send her a chat wanting to know where she bought the dress. Sara press the referral button in her chat which generate a link to Joyce’s shop.

The next day Sara was delighted to get a message informing her that her referral of Dee has resulted in a purchase and she received a 20% discount voucher on her next purchase from Joyce. She immediately posted this on her chat group and a few minutes later Dee posted her new purchase on her chat groups and Sara contacted Joyce to ask if she got a pair of black shoes - less 20%!

Joyce now travels to Nairobi every week!

Please note:- This story is fictitious and for illustration purposes only. The purpose of this story is to give an insight into the vision behind Clic.World and the possibilities of the various solutions offered by the Clic.World Social Banking Platform and the Integrated Digital Business Hub.

Joyce the shop owner